Introducing the travel potty-chair “My magical Potty”,
an innovation that makes everyday life for parents easier.

Imagine when going out to the countryside
or when your walks extend further than you thought,
even attending outdoor leisure activities
never have to be cut short again
for having no toilet nearby for you little ones…

We have the best solution for you!

“My Magical Potty” is a potty chair on-the-go
that can be used so easily and quickly at urgent moments,
it’s just like making “magic” !

Out of your bag, some simple touches and … voila !!
… your little one can instantly be relieved !

Let yourself free with the convenience and the compactness that our “Magical Potty” has to offer you.


Your little one’s private travel potty can be taken anywhere, anyplace without hassle !

Relax your mind and focus on the time with your child ...
  • out walking
  • at the playground
  • travelling near or far
  • at the swimming pool, beach or lake
  • camping
  • eating out
  • shopping
  • anywhere… all !
Because our travel potty is ...
  • practical and easy to use
  • incredibly light
  • fully compact
  • reusable and long lasting
  • also useful for potty training
  • designed to protect your child
    from  infection !

Please take a minute to have a look at our videos …

Potty Chair ( Standard Edition)

Potty Chair ( Throne Edition)

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